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Thread: Is it possible to dynamically change billboards or bitmaps in the background?

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    deejay Guest

    Question Is it possible to dynamically change billboards or bitmaps in the background?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to create an installation that shows different billboards (depending on bitmaps that are sent on the same CD with setup.exe) to different users? I know i can make different installations with different billboards and then ship'em but could it be performed dynamicaly after setup.exe is created (i.e. i create setup.exe then make a cd with setup.exe and another folder, for example "images" where i put different bilboard files (bitmaps) for different users)?
    Hope i explained succesfully what i wanted to ask

    Thank you,

    PS: IS Developer 7.03, standard project

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    For one possible approach, see > IS5/6 Samples > User Interface > Dynamic Selection of Billboards.

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    deejay Guest
    Hello Robert,
    thank you for your reply... but that sample was "almost" what i was looking for . I'll try to rephrase my question: i would like to send my setup.exe to different customers with different brandings (let's say billboards for now). Like if i send my setup.exe to england i want their flag as billboard to be displayed and if i send it to germany then it's german flag as a billboard... so, no user interaction, just different bmp files for different customers. But, i don't want to create new setup for every customer (country). Just one setup where billboard file that is displayed is the one that is shipped on the same CD together with setup.exe. That way i could change only bmp file and every customer will have different billboards for the same setup. Is it possible?
    thanks again for your time and effort.

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    mikebaker Guest
    I wnt to do exactly this too. Did you find an answer?

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    deejay Guest
    nope, sorry.
    but if you do find anything about this please let me know.

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