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Thread: Building conditional statements

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    VVerner Guest

    Building conditional statements

    Hi --

    In the Setup I have a feature with two subfeatures, of which only one is allowed to be ckecked by the user.

    How can I force the userdefined setup type that only one of two features can be checked in the control? One must be activated.


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    Joshua Guest

    Provided I'm understanding you correctly, you can set the 'Required' property of your Feature to 'Yes' in the Features view. This will select that Feature by default.

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    VVerner Guest

    not quite, sorry.

    Once again in case that I have not explained the issue well enough:

    There is a main feature with two subfeatures.

    The main features is obligatory to be checked.
    But one of the subfeatures must be checked and the user should be prevented to check both subfeatures simultanously. If one feature is checked by default and the user checks/activated the other one than the latter should uncheck automatically.


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