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Thread: Uninstall problem on Windows NT 4.

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    svileshin Guest

    Angry Uninstall problem on Windows NT 4.

    I can not uninstall an application on Windows NT 4. I'm getting msiexec.exe application error. This doesn't happen on Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

    Does anybody know what cause the problem and how to resolve it?

    Thanks for any help.

    Simon Vileshin.

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    Do you have any files in the Support Files section? If yes, then this stems from a known issue in Express 3.53. Please refer to article Q106227, which help you acquire a fix for this issue.

    If the above is not the cause of this issue, then I would recommend downloading Express 3.54 and trying with that. You can download Express 3.54 by going to Help / Update InstallShield within your IDE.


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    svileshin Guest

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    Dear Neeru,

    Thanks a lot! It solved the problem.

    Best wishes,

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