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Thread: Mdac 2.5

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    Diddledoe Guest

    Mdac 2.5

    I have a small project here which uses a microsoft access db with ado. I tried to let Installshield import my vb-project and did not change a single thing.

    After installation, my program was not able to open the access db and crashed. Next step I included the complete mdac25 with the object merge modul. But now the setup is larger than 10 MB. Is there a way in between? Just to take all the other ado modules seems not to be enough.


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    There is nothing inbetween. If your application needs ado then you have to include it. Most setups will be of that kind of size.

    I would suggest waiting for the next upgrade (3.54) which has a new mdac merge module with a lot of issues fixed.

    Note, if your users are on WinME, win2k or XP then mdac is already installed.


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    Diddledoe Guest
    Thank you for your reply!
    Ok, that's the way it is.
    It is just a bit crazy the app is only about 1 MB and the installer about 10, so I was just curious.

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