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Thread: file existence check anomaly

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    Angry file existence check anomaly

    I am using the "File Existence" action condition. I test for the existence of a path, not a file. In my environment WinXP using NTFS over a networked drive, the test works, but on another XP machine also with NTFS, the test failed, even though the path exists.

    The only reliable way I can perform this test is to test for a file in the path. It is not an elegant solution since I have to add a dummy file if there's not one around for me to test.

    Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

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    Chandy Navarata Guest

    check only for files


    The file existence condition in the Event Object allows you to check for files only. I will add in a request in our wish database to extend this so it works for directories/folders as well.


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