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Thread: Conditional Builder

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    AgRichard Guest

    Conditional Builder

    Can anyone help me with the syntax for the Componenet Conditional Builder...The Help Files and documentation lacks the information I need....

    I want to install my component if two specific Features are Selected.....

    BloomerVille has suggested this is possible, with the following e.g.
    (&FeatureA=3) AND (&FeatureB=3)

    Is this how I specify "features"
    I have tried, it does not work.

    If the features are :-

    How do I structure the Conditional Statement...??


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    what &FeatureA=3 means is that feature A is moving from an state of not installed to a state of to be installed. Essentially, this means that the feature was selected and marked for installation. I am not sure why this did not work for you. I use similar conditions on numerous components so that they are only installed in specific situations. I have had no problems. Maybe if you could provide me with more information I could help. I.e. Your exact conditions statement.

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    To conditional build, you can use Preprocessor statement.

    In your script,
    #ifdef XXX


    In Settings of Build,
    type XXX in Preprocess Defines of Compile tab.

    I use this way to build 8 type CDs from on project.

    I hope it helpful for you.

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