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Thread: Internet Connection Dialog Box

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    mlongfld Guest

    Question Internet Connection Dialog Box

    Has anyone encountered this problem ?
    After applying the 6.3 maint pack, whenever i launch the IDE
    an internet connection dialog appears. Is this an option new
    to IS Pro 6.31 ? (before maint pack i was 6.30)
    or is something messed up w/ my installation ?

    Anyone know how to fix this, it's sorta annoying.
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    Uttam Mathur Guest

    This is not an expected behaviour. I think that there is something which has messed up. Try Reinstalling the IS Pro 6.3 again and then see if it still occurs.
    If it is still occuring, then try Reinstalling the IE again (If possible, do not install the IS 6.0 Beta release) and then see if it goes...

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    You should not need to reinstall InstallShield or IE.

    This is coming up because when you first launch the IDE it checks the web for updates using the InstallShield Update service.

    Unfortunately there isn't any way to turn this off right now, but if you connect to the internet and check for updates then this should go away.

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