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Thread: Upgrading W98/DS6.51 to Windows 2000?

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    k_e_moeller Guest

    Upgrading W98/DS6.51 to Windows 2000?

    We have a laptop running Demoshield 6.51, Windows 98. Because of another product dependency I am forced to upgrade that system to Windows 2000.

    Will the "in-place" upgrade work ? Will any directory links be lost ? Will the existing .DBDs work after the upgrade ? Will DS Designer launch properly ?

    Are there any precautions I should take to ensure DS works following the upgrade ?

    thanks !!

    Karl M

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    System Upgrade

    DemoShield 6.51 is compatible with Windows 2000. Therefore, you should not run into any problems after upgrading your system. If you do run into difficulties after the upgrade, I would suggest uninstalling the DemoShield software and then reinstall. Your .dbd files should still work if the software has been reinstalled as well as after the system upgrade.

    I hope this helps.
    Kim Haffey
    DemoShield Technical Support

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