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Thread: I can't Install Fonts ???????

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    Bahram Guest

    I can't Install Fonts ???????

    I am new in InstallShield,
    I want to Install some fonts into window's font directory,
    what can I do?



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    Are you using InstallShield Express 2.x or 3.x?

    If you are using 3.x,

    1. Go to the Files View
    2. Add the [FontsFolder] from the Pre-defined folder list
    3. Drag and drop the fon or ttf files you want to this folder
    4. Build and install (this will copy the files the systems Fonts folder regardles of operating System).
    Chandima Rajakaruna
    Macrovision Corporation

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    BUG. Express 2014 this does not work

    Express 2014 will not install any fonts that are in the [FONTSFOLDER], Even if you run as administrator.

    However, in some cases they will install fonts from [INSTALLDIR], even though you didn't ask them to.

    This is a major bug

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