I am using InstallShield Professional 6.12

I created an InstallShield Object Project.

I then created a Standard Setup Project which will be used to install the Object Project.

In my Standard Setup Project, I created a component, associated with a file group, which includes all the files in my Object Project's Disk1 directory.

After those files have been extracted to the SUPPORTDIR, I try and launch my Object Project with:
DoInstall(SUPPORTDIR ^ "Second\\setup.inx","",WAIT);

However, when i look at the return value of this function, it always seems to be -2147024809, which when Formatted displays "The parameter is incorrect"

Both Projects were created with the same exact build number.
I have verified that SUPPORTDIR ^ "Second\\setup.inx" is a valid path and points to the correct file location.
All of the files in Disk1 of my Object Project get extracted to SUPPORTDIR ^ "Second" just fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.