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Thread: Self registration problems

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    Dean Wiersma Guest

    Self registration problems

    I am using IS pro 6.22 and am having difficulties with files not self-registering. When I install my product and check the log it indicates that it has registered the dlls and ocxs as desired, but in fact they are not registered. I get no errors and there is no reboot.ini file generated. I can register the files manually and everything works correctly. When I then uninstall the product it un-registers the dlls and ocxs.

    Has anyone seen this behavior, and does anyone have any suggestions?

    Dean Wiersma

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    jhuang Guest

    Have you found out the answer? I had the same problem. Then I did the following:

    1. Include all dependencies using Denpendency - Scan
    2. Use Self-registering files - batch method

    It's been fine so far. Hope it helps.

    BTW, how did you see that the file had been REGISTERED? I looked at the Setup.ilg file through Log File Viewer and never found such an entry. I saw only INSTALLED.


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