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Thread: UnUseDLL results in Not enough storage error

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    Angry UnUseDLL results in Not enough storage error

    I have a C++ DLL that I am trying to use some functions within my IS6.31
    setup, but I am getting the following message when I issue an UnUseDLL:

    An error occurred while launching the setup.

    Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

    Has anyone seen this before, and if so, do they know why this happens? I
    have other DLLs that I can use and unuse just fine, so I am thinking it may
    be a problem with the C++ code, but I would like to know what InstallShield
    is complaining about first.

    Richard Collins

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    not enough storage

    I think this error is really an IS engine crash. I've seen it when I called a dll that instantiated a bunch of objects and then exited without destroying them. When I fixed this, the crash went away.

    Ken McKinney

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