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Thread: Installing locked files

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    Hadas Birin Guest

    Unhappy Installing locked files

    Hi All,

    I'm working with IS 6.22 and on some computers, when trying to install files that are locked (and are of course marked as potentially locked in the IS), IS doesn't install them and doesn't ask for reboot or gives an error.
    The files are 1 dll and a few jars.

    Is anybody aware of a bug with handling locked files?
    Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Uyen Quach Guest
    Did you check for BATCH_INSTALL at the end of the installation? If you didn't, read the Help page for BATCH_INSTALL to find out more.


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    Hadas Birin Guest
    In the end of the installation script there is a call to SdFinishEx(), and sometimes it does ask the user to reboot.
    It's just that on some computers, it doesn't ask to boot and doesn't replace the DLL and jars (when locked).

    The DLL is locked by the IIS - maybe that's a reason?
    Or maybe it has something to do with binary compatibility of the DLL? Does anybody know how installshield (or WINDOWS for that matter) checks if the file is locked ?
    Even if it does have something to do with the DLL, I still don't understand why the jar files are not diagnosed as locked (They are used by jview).

    Thanks again,

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