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Thread: How are computer science and music composition related?

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    How are computer science and music composition related?

    A college major reference book states that computer science is a good major if you like: problem solving, solving puzzles, tinkering with things, mathematics, music composition. Slim Select Keto


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    As much as I know

    I think yes there must be a connection.

    Possibilities include the composition of new musical works based on generative algorithms, the development of digital signal processing software for the manipulation of sound and/or the development of software analysis tools.


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    And yeah, If you found any extra details please share here.

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    Music is MATH!

    When I started to learn how to produce music, I was told something that I remember to this day. Music is Math!

    Today's most popular music are referred to as 4 by 4 music. That's 4 beats and 4 bars. Dance music, rap, pretty much anything modern.

    The human ear can't hear below 20hz, you only feel music at that level (Sub Bass).

    That's why producers today especially electronic music producers use sub bass in a very calculated way so the listener can really enjoy their music.

    and the list goes on.

    It really does

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