I have a problem while installing my product.
I get "Warning 1946. Property <propertyName> for shortcut <shortcutName> could not be set" message box for each "shell property" I set to my shortcuts.

I've noticed that after Installshield shows those errors for the first time, it will always show them with each install on the same machine.
Even with old installs which used to work just fine

I've created a VM and have tried to figure out what is causing these warnings.
I was surprised to see that on the VM, this warning doesn't appear.
I've installed/removed/upgraded different versions of my product but I couldn't reproduce the warning.
* all of the upgrades are "major upgrades" which means uninstall of the current version, and an installation of the new version.

My questions are:
What causes warning 1946 to pop up (I've seen that a possible reason is if another process hold the lnk file, but it doesn't seem to be the case here)
How to fix a machine after warning 1946 has already appeared on once.

It would be great if anyone would be able to answer my questions.
Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.