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Thread: FlexnetManager Suite - Report Builder - Columns grayed out

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    FlexnetManager Suite - Report Builder - Columns grayed out

    Hi Flexera Team,
    I've tried to build a customized report with the report builder which includes 11 different columns/field from 3 different objects.
    Unfortunately, 2 out of 11 columns are grayed out on the configuration page and when I click on "preview & filter" those 2 columns don't appear in the report.
    Any idea on how to solve this issue? Is there a max number of columns that I can add to report?
    Enclosed a screen shot.
    Thanks, Manuela Name:  Report_Builder.PNG
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Size:  63.6 KB

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    The greyed out columns have previously been configured in the report so be hidden. Proceed to the "Preview and filter" page, and from there you will be able to display the Column Chooser: drag and drop these columns out of the column chooser into the report to make them displayed by default.

    Alternatively, when viewing the report you can find the columns in the Column Chooser and drag them out of there into the report so they are displayed.

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    It works! And such an easy solution...thanks a lot!

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