I want to create upgrader logic using InstallAnywhere 2012 Enterprise for an existing product.

I have installer application (version for Windows and Linux environment. Here's the extract application code to user selected location and adds Service entery to windows/Linux. It does not write anything to registry or other locations

The Project -> Advanced configuration is given below

Maintenance Mode : Enabled
Maintenance options : Repaire Installation & Uninstall Product.

Windows WOW64 Emulator Settings
InstallAnywhere Wind32 Service

Instance Management : Enabled
Instance option : Restrict to a Single Instance
How to delete Snapchat
Identify instance using : Installation Location Only
Enable Instance Overwrite warning : Checked
Allow user to continue with overwrite : checked

Rollback Setting : Enabled

We have done the hierarchy changes to existing application and the version is 1.1 (you can call it 2.0). Now I want to implement the upgrade logic in 1.1.

During the upgrade:
Delete the existing service
Save the conf folder to temp location
Delete all the folder
Install the 1.1 code to the existing location
Any advice?