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Thread: How to use IS classes and methods in IA

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    How to use IS classes and methods in IA

    Hi ,

    I am migrating my project from IS to IA as part of this I am trying to use existing code, below is my existing code, can any one please suggest me how to use IS classes and methods in IA, if these classes and methods are not present in IA is there any replacement classes and methods in IA

    classes and methods are highlighted with colour

    package com.installshield.ocrm_installer.event.dialog.swing;

    import com.installshield.ui.controls.*;
    import com.installshield.database.runtime.*;
    import com.epiphany.installer.ismpx.toolkit.*;
    import com.epiphany.installer.ismpx.dialog.*;

    public class PanelEnterSQLServerMetaDatabaseInfo {

    public void queryEnterEnterSQLServerMetaDatabaseInfo(com.installshield.event.ISQueryContext arg0) {
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    public void initializeUIEnterSQLServerMetaDatabaseInfo(com.installshield.event.ui.ISDialogContext arg0) {

    try {
    EP_ISLogUtil.logStartWizardDialogEvent( this );
    ISPanel panel = arg0.getISPanel();
    ISTextField textFieldControl = panel.getTextField( textFieldName ); EP_ISDialogUtil.swingLoadTextFieldControl(
    panel );

    catch (Exception e) {
    EP_ISDialogUtil.swingProcessErrorInitializeUI( this, arg0.getWizard(), e );

    public void queryExitEnterSQLServerMetaDatabaseInfo(com.installshield.event.ui.ISDialogQueryContext arg0) {

    try {
    ISPanel panel = arg0.getISPanel();
    ISDatabase propertyDatabase = arg0.getServices().getISDatabase();
    propertyDatabase );

    boolean validated = EP_ISDialogEnterSQLServerMetaDatabaseInfo.swingValidate( arg0.getWizard() );
    arg0.setReturnValue( validated );
    catch (Exception e) {
    EP_ISDialogUtil.swingProcessErrorQueryExit( this, arg0.getWizard(), e );
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