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Set InstallAnywhere Variable: $COUNT$ = 0
Jump Label: while
Execute Script/Batch File:
@echo off
set /a TEMP_NUM=$COUNT$+1 > nul
echo %TEMP_NUM%
Set InstallAnywhere Variable: $COUNT$ = $EXECUTE_STDOUT$
Jump: while Rule: $COUNT$ [Less Than or Equal to] 100
(try gunship battle mod apk)
In line 5 and 6, what you are essentially doing is: echo $COUNT$+1

In line 7, you are setting COUNT to $EXECUTE_STDOUT$ ( which is usually 0, I believe? ) That would explain why it prints tv 1 everytime because $COUNT$ gets set to 0 at the end of each loop.
I think this needs to be improve. the update is not available at this stage.