Hello All,

As i am new to Installshield please bear with my question and kindly help me with this issue.
We have a 32 bit application setup.exe which i am trying to make it to 64 bit compatability by building the setup.exe file using the steps mentioned in the below link

I have followed the steps mentioned but the final build Setup_x64.exe is giving me "1155 : File C:\Users\ABCD\Desktop\ISScript9.Msi not found when i am trying to run the setup file. If i add the file under the below mentioned path then i am getting installation failed error.

Kindly note that the current existing MWD.ism of the 32 bit setup.exe was build using the INSTALLSHIELD 9 version and the new setup_x64.exe which i am trying to build from the 32 bit is with the INSTALLSHIELD 2015. To be honest this 64 bit setup file i tried with both versions i.e. 9 and 2015, but the issue still remains the same.

I also tried the work around mentioned in the link but it doesnt seem to work

Also, i noted that the file ISScript9.msi is not getting included into the setup_x64.exe file.

Can anyone please help me on this.