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Thread: looking for information on InstallAnywhere

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    looking for information on InstallAnywhere


    We are looking for some information on InstallAnywhere :

    1) Does InstallAnywhere provide installation options on z/OS , Iseries, mainframes, etc? Would appreciate any details on how the InstallAnywhere-based installation would work on these OSes - for example,
    - the type of files that can be generated as product installers,
    - the typical install procedures,
    - general pre-requisities on the OS for InstallAnywhere-based installations, etc.

    2) Our product was earlier based on ISMP platform - Installshield Multi-platform.
    Are there any options available to reuse the old ISMP install code and migrate it to InstallAnywhere? Is there a specific procedure available to perform the migration of the code?

    3) After a product has been installed (by upgrading from an older version to a higher version) via InstallAnywhere, is there an option available to downgrade back from higher to lower version of the product?

    thank you

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    1) Yes, at my company we have several products that install to USS (z/os UNIX) if that is what you mean. I set the build target as 'Other Java-enabled Platform' and use a Web Distribution. In the output folder, just use the jar file it creates.

    2) Not sure, but I doubt it.

    3) I personally don't use IA's upgrade facility, but I don't believe there is any downgrade facility. I set up my upgrade install's to lay down on top of an old install and mark any files to not overwrite if they exist.

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