1) When clicking the browse button inside the tFileInput control to choose an HDFS file, I receive "Connection failure. You must change the HDFS Settings." "Cannot connect to HDFS ""hdfs://nameservice1"". Please check the connection parameters."
2) When running the job itself (after manually entering the HDFS file path), the job succeeds without issue.
3) Clicking Check in the HDFS Connection info of the cluster's metadata entry is successful.
4) Changing the namenode URI to the active (hdfs://cmanagerdev01.xxxx.com:8020) yields the same error.

We're currently using keytabs for kerberos authentication, but the problem occurred when using manual kinit's as well. We do not experience any problems with HDFS browse when working against our unkerberized cluster.
This seems to be a problem with how the browse functionality authenticates. Any thoughts here?

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