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Thread: Wrong MSI location during Repair

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    Wrong MSI location during Repair


    I've got a pretty simple installscript MSI project - it copies some files into a folder, updates a few registry keys and that's pretty much it.

    When I try to use the Repair function (either by re-launching the installer, or by choosing the app's Modify option under Apps & Features), I get the following message, when it gets to the "Copying new files" stage:

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    The path it looks for the .msi file in is %TEMP%\[SOME_RANDOM_HEXADECIMAL_STRING]

    This random hexadecimal string doesn't seem to be specifically related to the project. It's neither the Product Code, nor the Upgrade Code nor Package Code.

    When I look for it in the registry, I find it in the following keys:


    Looking at the %TEMP% folder, I can find the .msi file in a folder that has another random hexadecimal string as its name. That folder does not appear in the registry at all.

    I don't want my clients to go looking for .msi files every time they want to repair an installation of my product. How can I let the installer know the .msi file's location?

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