I've a ODBC driver (Actual ODBC Pack v 2.9h, for Mac OS X) installed in my Mac (10.4.11) but there's a problem that I can't absolutely solve.I have to connect my Mac through Openoffice.org (2.2 or 3.1.1) to a Postgre SQL Database, which is in a external server.Using the ODBC driver I've set up the connection parameters.Now openoffice can correctly open the database, but it is impossible to edit a new record when I open a table.The only characters I can write in the fields of the tables .I have the permissions to write in those tables and openoffice recognize them (in the tables which have the only-read permission I can't obviously neither write "ìèòàù") that's mean that it's not a question of permissions.I'm using this database with openoffice with a windows platform (still with a ODBC driver) and it works: it means that the problem concerns only the Mac platform (openoffice in local doesn't have any problems).

Please help.

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