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Thread: problem to extract data from trading platform

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    problem to extract data from trading platform


    Sorry in advance if my question is very simple but I am very new to Imacros. My goal is to extract some prices from a trading platform but when I am using Wizards Extract Text I cannot select any data from the trading platform. I can not highlight with the red rectangle. Does it mean that the trading platform is protected and I cannot extract any value from that website? If there is a solution , could you please help me.

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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    I apologize for the lack of response. If you still need assistance, please open a case for further assistance.

    Thank you

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    Thanks Brother, that's working
    Few more thing if you could help me out with this
    1. How to show TBQ and TSQ etc in amibroker, i mean what to edit (settings file etc.)
    2. How to backfill EOD and intraday (Nest plus not working)

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