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Thread: Office 365 Online Service Connection error

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    Office 365 Online Service Connection error

    Has anyone successfully set up a connection to their Office 365 Online Service? We have attempted without success. We get the following error: System.Exception: Authentication Error: Bad username or password. But the User Name and Password works fine in Office 365. We followed the instructions to set it up, and even reluctantly gave the ID the global admin role. But we get this error during the first part of the import. See attached log file.
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    The log is suggesting that some error ("(500) Internal Server Error") is occurring on the Office 365 server when logging in. I wouldn't assume that this is really a bad username or password.

    You could try running the following commands in PowerShell to troubleshoot further--if this doesn't work, maybe contact Microsoft for help.

    $c = Get-Credential
    Connect-MsolService -Credential $c
    $users = Get-MsolUser -All
    NB. If you do this in a PowerShell window on the FlexNet beacon then the prerequisite Office 365 PowerShell modules for running this should be installed.

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