An error occurred parsing the project. (org.xml.sax.SAXException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun.beans.editors.StringEditor
com.jxml.quick.QPE; lineNumber: 0; columnNumber: 0; java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun.beans.editors.StringEditor)

Building an IS11 project on RedHat6, changes were made to update the embedded JVM to Java 8.
Specifically, the software located by the JVM_HOME setting in the sab binary was replaced with the latest AdoptOpenJDK software.
As you can see above the project will not build, the problem is that since Java7 the clases which used to be "sun.beans.*" are now "com.sun.beans"

Unfortunately, we can no longer release any software / installers which puts a JRE on disk which is lower than Java 8.
I believe there are no later versions of IS Universal available, so the only was forward for us would be to re-implement the project in Install Anywhere.
Can someone verify this?

We need to build installers for Aix, Solaris and Linux RedHat