My company is Perkinelmer(http://www.perkinelmer.com). We are interested in FlexNet Licensing, and would like to try it. So I went to the "Contact Us"(https://www.flexera.com/company/contact) page of your web site, and submitted it. But several days passed, I haven't got any response yet. I also tried "Contact us" in Chinese version(https://www.flexera.cn/producer/comp...ut/contact-us/). I tried "Request a Free Trial" at https://info.flexerasoftware.com/SWM...xNet-Publisher. The page showed "Thank you for contacting us! A sales representative will be in touch with you shortly to assist in your free trial". But still no response.
My email is "YingJing.Chen@PERKINELMER.COM". I don't know what happened. Did you receive my request?