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Thread: InstallShield 2018 - isdev.exe System error

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    Question InstallShield 2018 - isdev.exe System error

    Received "The code execution cannot proceed because mfc140u.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." when starting InstallShield 2018. InstallShield will not run. Any solution?

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    InstallShield 2018 - isdev.exe System error

    Hi tarfele@lexco,

    Can you please provide the following details:

    -OS details
    -Version of installshield & type(Eg.IS2018-Premier Comp/Web)
    -Is it IS-2018 SP1 software update on top of IS-2018?

    The error clearly states that mfc-runtime dll is missing,possible cause would be runtime component installation issue.


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    Exactly what I suspected. Access violations usually only occur when something is not installed correctly and you should be Ok once its fully installed.

    'Repair' is one of the options in Maintenance mode. You will see this option if you run the Developer installation again or via the change button for the Developer entry in the Add/Remove Programs dialog (Control Panel).

    To be extra sure, also clean your temp folder and reboot the machine.
    Make sure that no other programs are running while you install Developer and its best to disable your anti-Virus software.

    Hope it helps.

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