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Thread: Batch upload of HW assets

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    Batch upload of HW assets

    Can someone explain how to upload multiple assets or do a batch upload.
    There is a mention of a business adapter in one of the slides in FNM-1640, what is this?

    If we have a PO of 100 laptops, how can we upload this?

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    Business adapters are components that can be developed to do bulk imports of data from sources such as spreadsheets or databases. You can learn more about this concept from the Using FlexNet Business Importer PDF guide available from the top level online help page, and the Business Adapters Practice Guide available the Flexera Learning Center.

    Configuring an import requires a strong grasp of the FlexNet Manager Suite data model and how different types of data relate and work together. It is a powerful mechanism, but also comes with the possibility of messing up data if you're not careful. If you are not already familiar with working with business adapters then you may want to consider finding somebody who has experience with configuring them to help make the process straightforward for you.

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