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Thread: Oracle JDK/JRE license requirement

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    Question Oracle JDK/JRE license requirement


    From January 2019, a license is required to redistribute any new release of any version of the Oracle JDK, and obtain support & security updates.
    We use bundled VM option in the installer and would like to understand if the IA has a license for Oracle JRE/JDK? If not, does IA will change the bundled VM to OpenJDK and will release patches?

    An answer will be much appreciated!

    Best regards,

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    Just bumping this.

    As this is a pretty serious concern for what I would imagine are a fair amount of companies, I wanted to bump this thread.

    Will OpenJRE VMpacks be provided on the download page, or is anyone testing that?

    2019 is right around the corner!


    Also, if this is news to you, here is an article talking a bit about it.
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    I have a doubt

    I have recently completed Oracle Training in Chennai. I tried installing the software and I have some license issues. I don't have much knowledge in this field. Can you please help me out?

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