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Thread: Wap an exe and leave no install trace

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    Wap an exe and leave no install trace

    I have a software package that I need to wrap in an msi. The package consists of an exe, cert, and a few settings files. I would like to wrap this inside a msi (to be used by Intune). I would like the msi to not actually leave any traces on the pc, but just run the exe and let the exe do all the work. Any advice?

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    Wap an exe and leave no install trace

    Hi amlederer,

    I don't think you can embed/stream exe into msi package.By design Microsoft doesn't support that,you can go for suite package type for this requirement.Where you can embed exe\msi\appx\installscript package into single suite package,silent commandlines are there for suite packages.
    You can silently make suite to execute exe embedded inside by mentioning package level command-line.It won't leave any trace other than few caching stuff.


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