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Thread: How to convert EXE installer to MSI

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    How to convert EXE installer to MSI


    I have an olde EXE software that needed to be integrated into my new MSI installer package.

    (1) I want to create a MSI install package which has no UIs. I need have the EXE to run silently and packaged into a MSI package.

    (2) The other desired way is to run "setup.exe /s" within my MSI project.


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    How to convert EXE installer to MSI

    Hi SignCAD,

    For InstallShield MSI based projects I have found the following to work:

    setup.exe /s /x /b"C:\FolderInWhichMSIWillBeExtracted" /v"/qn"
    This command will lead to an extracted MSI in a directory you can freely specify and a silently failed uninstall of the product.

    The command line basically tells the setup.exe to attempt to uninstall the product (/x) and do so silently (/s). While doing that it should extract the MSI to a specific location (/b).

    The /v command passes arguments to Windows Installer, in this case the /qn argument. The /qn argument disables any GUI output of the installer.

    Hope it helps,

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