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Thread: Multiple Vendor Host IDs

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    Multiple Vendor Host IDs

    I am using FNP 11.15 and would like to have multiple (2) vendor host IDs.
    I understand from the definition of lm_vendor_hostid in lmclient.h that I create a linked list by assigning my second lm_vendor_hostid to the ‘next’ field then call lc_set_attr with the base vendor host ID as shown below.

    void x_flexlm_newid(id) HOSTID *id;
        memset(&vendHostId1_, 0, sizeof (vendHostId1_));
        vendHostId1_.label          = VENDEF1_ID_LABEL;
        vendHostId1_.hostid_num     = VENDEF1_ID_TYPE;
        vendHostId1_.case_sensitive = 0;
        vendHostId1_.get_vendor_id  = x_flexlm_gethostid;
        memset(&vendHostId2_, 0, sizeof (vendHostId2_));
        vendHostId2_.label          = VENDEF2_ID_LABEL;
        vendHostId2_.hostid_num     = VENDEF2_ID_TYPE;
        vendHostId2_.case_sensitive = 0;
        vendHostId2_.get_vendor_id  = x_flexlm_getnewhostid;
    = &vendHostId2_;
        if (lc_set_attr(lm_job, LM_A_VENDOR_ID_DECLARE, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) &vendHostId1_))
            lc_perror(lm_job, "LM_A_VENDOR_ID_DECLARE FAILED");
    However my second vendor host ID is returning an empty string. Is there something else which I must do to get this working?
    I have tested both vendor host ID functions on an individual basis by calling “lc_hostid” and they work as expected, but not when I try to implement the two together.
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