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Thread: FlexLM redundant going through firewalls

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    FlexLM redundant going through firewalls

    I have an older FlexLM redundant servers in three data centers. The FlexLMs can communicate and port 27010 is open. lmstat -a looks good. But only the Servers in the same data center as the master FlexLM can get licenses. What am I missing?
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    Insure that systems in different locations can communicate with each other

    This could be a case of clients not able to communicate outside the network. Insure that's not the case by simply pinging the triad systems from each client (from different zones).
    Also insure that you are setting the license path as in designated structure for 3 server (something like port1@host1,port2@host2,poprt3@host3). This varies in case of windows and non windows. Please refer to the document, which kind of elaborates in a much better way. (helped me in past)

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