We are creating a patch in which we want to assign a value to a registry. We enter the value for the respective registry and build the patch. When we edit the MSP file and see the modifications, a new component is shown in it which contain the registry value and it is a 32 bit component.
Due to this, the registry gets installed in Wow6432Node. Our project is 64 bit and registry to be modified is also the part of 64 bit component of registry. But, after patch creation, it changes its attributes.

We also tried to search for the value of Effect in ISQuickPatchRegistryValue table but could not get the details that what 0,1,2 and 4 implies? Can anyone please elaborate its meaning?

Also, please help us with the addition of registry value in Patch creation as its not showing the normal behaviour. We want to modify the original component of MSI without creating a new one in Wow6432Node.

Thanks in advance.