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Thread: Can anyone help me to return the license?

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    Can anyone help me to return the license?


    I am now trying installing [InstallAnywhere 2018 Perpetual] that was bought serval days ago[order #eo288014], and I am an absolute beginner with this product, therefore I met a trouble.

    When I Install IA2018 on win PC , I Applied a license with my mac address, so poor eyesight I have, I use the wrong mac 72-C9-4E-71-3C-3F (the correct address is :70-C9-4E-71-3C-3F ,you may see in attachment), I didn't
    notice the mistake at that point, and the only one chance of returning license was wasted: I input the error mac address again.

    Finally, I found the mistake but I can’t change the license file any more, becauseI then, I notice that IA2018 can return a license only one time per entitlement per year.

    My God. It was over before it started, I can’t use IA2018 now.

    Could you help me. I am looking forward to your help sincerely.

    York Li
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