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Thread: Local Application vs. Flexera ARL

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    Question Local Application vs. Flexera ARL

    We created a Local Application for a new release of commercial software. What happens if Flexera creates the same software and it downloads to our ARL database? Will they merge if they have the same evidence recognition? what should I expect to see happen.

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    In this scenario I think you will end up with both your locally configured application record, as well as the record published by Flexera. If both applications have overlapping recognition rules which result in them being recognized as installed, the system with show both applications as installed. If both applications are linked to a license record, then consumption will be counted according to the settings on the license record - typical settings for a simple device-based license type would result in the computer only consuming 1 license (since consumption is based on counting the device, not counting the number of application installations).

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