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Thread: Repackager hanging on Reboot. Never continues

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    Repackager hanging on Reboot. Never continues

    Hi all!
    Complete noob to AdminStudio. Been using the Repackaging Wizard with great success but have encountered and issue with software that requires a reboot to complete. Repackager is seeing that the software needs to reboot. Appears to process whatever is needed and the Reboot button goes from greyed out to black like it's ready to go but, once pushed, it just sits and never reboots to continue. I thought from seeing another post that maybe I didn't wait long enough for processes to close out so restored my snapshot and started over. When Reboot lit up, I waited another 5 minutes or so before clicking the button but still no joy. I'm running the Standalone Repackager on a clean VM that has nothing but that on it. Win 7 Ent. SP 1 64 bit.

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    You can try using the Multi-Snapshot repackaging method. That will allow you to reboot the machine yourself and then you can launch repackager again post reboot to continue repackaging from where you left.

    Hope this helps.

    Flexera Software Technical Support

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