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Thread: Internal Error 2228 now occurs on running generated installer

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    Question Internal Error 2228 now occurs on running generated installer

    The original setup.exe we created in December 2017 using InstallShield 2015 Express SP2 has no problems installing on Windows, however the new setup.exe that is generated now always shows an internal error 2228, ProgId, SELECT 'ProgId' FROM 'ProgId' WHERE 'ProgId_Parent' = ? message when installing, during the Registering class servers step of the InstallShield Wizard.

    Since the InstallShield project does contain our own COM libraries, we thought there might be something wrong with them, so we replaced them with the original versions we used for the December 2017 build. That setup.exe also generates the same internal error message.

    We've tried changing the properties on the DLL's to either Extract COM Information or Self-registration but neither has an effect on 2228 error.

    From our own searching, the error is being thrown by MSI because something is missing from the installer, but we have been unable to determine what that might be. Which part of InstallShield 2015 Express SP2 handles the creation/setup of 'ProgId'?

    When running the extracted MSI directly using MSIEXEC with verbose logging, we are seeing these lines in the log file:

    MSI (s) (80:8C) [11:29:39:211]: Doing action: RegisterClassInfo
    Action 11:29:39: RegisterClassInfo. Registering class servers
    Action start 11:29:39: RegisterClassInfo.
    MSI (s) (80:8C) [11:29:39:211]: Note: 1: 2205 2:  3: ProgId 
    MSI (s) (80:8C) [11:29:39:211]: Note: 1: 2228 2:  3: ProgId 4: SELECT `ProgId` FROM `ProgId` WHERE `ProgId_Parent` = ? 
    DEBUG: Error 2228:  Database: . Unknown table 'ProgId' in SQL query: SELECT `ProgId` FROM `ProgId` WHERE `ProgId_Parent` = ?
    DEBUG: Error 2835:  The control ErrorIcon was not found on dialog SetupError
    Internal Error 2835. ErrorIcon, SetupError
    Internal Error 2228. , ProgId, SELECT `ProgId` FROM `ProgId` WHERE `ProgId_Parent` = ?
    MSI (s) (80:8C) [11:29:41:971]: Product: ABC 1.2.3 -- Internal Error 2228. , ProgId, SELECT `ProgId` FROM `ProgId` WHERE `ProgId_Parent` = ?
    Action ended 11:29:41: RegisterClassInfo. Return value 3.
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