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Thread: OnFirstUIAfter Program Launch Triggers ActiveX component can't create object (429)

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    OnFirstUIAfter Program Launch Triggers ActiveX component can't create object (429)

    At the end of the installation process (OnFirstUIAfter), I display a form (SdFinish) with a checkbox to let the new user launch the program.

    In certain environments, when they do that, it launches our program but it fails with this error: ActiveX component can't create object (429). Apparently, an ActiveX or DLL isn't installed.

    However, after closing the setup program, if they run the program from a Windows shortcut or the EXE directly from Windows Explorer, it always works. And the problem never occurs again. It also works if the option to run it in the setup program is skipped.

    It seems an ActiveX control isn't fully installed when I display the SdFinish. Waiting a long time before trying to launch the program doesn't make a difference.

    1. Any idea how to avoid this?

    2. Is displaying SdFinish in the OnFirstUIAfter event correct, or should it be in another event?

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    Have you been able to work it out? I've been encountering a similar problem with ActiveX lately.

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    No. Never worked it out. We've still seen this problem in testing which has limited our ability to launch the program from the setup program.

    The program always runs fine when run after the setup exits, but something's incomplete when the launch feature is run.

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