My project is 32 bit installation project. I am calling another dialog from CustomSetup dialog which sets 64 bit path in program files programmatically for few of files. But the feature path in custom setup dialog shows the path in program files(x86) folder.

When my new dialog sets path and if it is in program files(x86) for the feature it correctly displays the path in CustomSetup dialog.

I suspect that installshield does not allow setting paths in 64 bit program files even when user tried to set them forcefully.

That's why it does not show program files folder in InstallChangeFolder dialog on 64 bit machine.

I am aware that even if I am able to set 64 bit path Installshield is going to install my files in Program Files(x86) folder. This is fine as I need this path for display purpose. I am copying them ion 64 bit program files through a custom action.

Is there any way I can display 64 bit program files path for a feature in CustomSetuo dialog ?

Thanks in advance.