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Thread: How to create a file with Data and Time information

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    How to create a file with Data and Time information

    Hi all,
    I have and InstallShield 2016 InstallScript MSI project.
    I want to create a file that has timestamp info. For example, myfile_20180212181802.log.

    How can I achieve this from the InstallScript.

    I see there is Data and Time property so I used MsiGetProperty to get Date.
    But Date is in the format for example, 2/12/2018 and windows file names cannot contain slashes.

    Please advise how to create a filename with timestamp info. Basically I need to set a string
    that will contain time such as 20180212181802.

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    You'll need to parse the Date and Time strings returned into their constituent parts (year, month, day, hour, minute) and then concatenate them back into the desired order.

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