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Thread: FlexNet Operations 2018 R1 Office Hours: Q/A

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    FlexNet Operations 2018 R1 Office Hours: Q/A

    If you missed the FlexNet Operations 2018 R1 Office hours, the recording will be posted in the FlexNet Operations channel on youtube

    Please refer to the latest FlexNet Operations release notes as part of the 2018 R1 release for the most up-to-date information: https://flexerasoftware.flexnetopera...lement=6705687

    Questions related to the Office Hours

    Q: How can we get access to the data underlying the Customer Growth module dashboards? We'd like to have better access to FNO data to allow us to integrate with tools to assess customer metrics.
    A: In 2017 R4, FNO Release a set of REST APIs to that can show data from Customer Growth. Please refer to the FlexNet Operations Web Services Integration Guide found on the Product and License Center. The new Consumption API can showcase the underlying features consumed that affect the consumption score.

    Q: How do I get access to the Account Health page?
    A: The Account Health page is part of the Customer Growth Module. We can enable an evaluation for your account. Please contact your Flexera representative.

    Q: Can you combine Entitlement and Device information in one report via Reporter?
    A: At this moment, we have separate datasets for Entitlement and Devices information. We will take this input for future consideration.

    Q: What role/permission enables this reporting?
    A: There is a specific permission called “View Reports” that can be enabled for your specific role. You can find this under “Accounts and Users”>> “All Roles” >> Select a role >> “Reporting/View Reports”

    Other Questions

    Q: Is there an easy way to do an advanced search without having to go Home, selecting search and then selecting advanced search from the next screen (3 clicks)?
    A: The Advanced Search options are contextual to the type of search. For example, are you doing an advanced search for results in Entitlement vs. Device. The best we can offer is to bookmark the specific section in question so you don’t have to directly navigate from the home screen.

    Q: Is there a way to extend an expiring entitlement for a customer that renews just in time, without creating another entitlement?
    A: An alternative to creating new entitlements is editing the expiration date of an existing entitlement. You need to enable the following system configuration>> FlexNet Operations >> Allow Editing of Deployed Entities. Then the entitlement line can be set to Draft state and the expiration date modified.

    Q: Is there a way to change user emails if their emails change?
    A: At this time there is no way to retroactively change a user’s email once it has been created during the initial user creation process.
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