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Thread: Scanning VMWare Infrastructure

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    The "A connection with the server could not be established" error certainly suggests a network connectivity sort of problem (as opposed to anything to do at the application software layer).

    A couple more thoughts:

    1. What version of VMware software is running on the server? Check that it is a version that is supported by the FlexNet Manager Suite release you are using, including that it is not a free VMware ESXi install (which doesn't expose the APIs required to gather the information needed here).
    2. Is it possible that the web browser is configured to go through a web proxy to reach the VMware server? The beacon & ESXQuery tool will likely not be using any web proxy, which could explain the browser being able to connect but the beacon failing to connect.

    Chris @ Flexera

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    I've verified connectivity from the FNMS Beacon via the ESXQuery tool. In addition, I've loosened up some ACLs for the ports (80 and 443) listed as necessary for the VMWare scanning components to work. The rule fires and completes, however in the actual Inventory phase, the only information provided by the beacon is the following log entry -
    2018-02-13 09:57:46,360 [.VirtualizationVisitor|Async] [INFO ] No inventory gathered for device '<vcenter>' because discovery did not find the service on the device.

    The ESXQuery is able to download an inventory without issue.

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