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    Fnms api -

    Dear community, did anyone ever try to use FlexNet Manager Platform's API to extract inventory data and pull it to external systems? (e.g. CMDB)

    I have discovered some info on this topic, in particular the 9.2.3 installation package includes the WebAPI description (it's methods and properties). But I am not sure if it can help to extract the inventory data.

    I'd rather use the SQL database as the data source, but that doesn't work for the on-demand (SaaS) version of FNMS. Any ideas who or what should I look for?

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    Hi grigory.gryazev,

    Welcome to the community!

    You could consider an approach like:

    1. Configure report(s) that expose the data to be exported.
    2. Call the GetCustomView method to retrieve the report data.

    The following sample PowerShell script illustrates calling GetCustomView: GetCustomView.ps1.txt

    One thing to be careful of is the volume of data returned. This reporting interface is not really intended to be used to return massive amounts of data, so (for example) you may run in to problems if you are going to try to extract details of all installations of applications on inventory devices throughout your organization.

    Chris @ Flexera

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