I just upgraded from IS 2015 Pro to 2016. Reason being to add Windows 10 tiles to hundreds of installers and to look into creating UWP installers as well.

I can't see how to do either of those.

I'm using .ISM files and have about 400 installer scripts for various document packages. The installs themselves are pretty basic. Because everything is Word/PDF/HTML based there are no .exe files in my packages. I'm either installing a local web site using .HTM files or utility programs written in VBA contained in Word .docm files.

All that works fine with normal desktop/start menu shortcuts and icons. I'm using AddFolderIcon calls in Installscript to create Windows desktop shortcuts that launch the installed .HTM files or the .DOCM files that then execute the embedded macros and I can set my own .ICO files no problem.

I can't see how to add Windows 10 Tiles.

IS 2016 only supports tiles through the interface if you have a .exe file in the installation to hook it to. And I can't find any InstallScript functions that can be used to create tiles.

How can I get this to work?