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Thread: How to Upload VCG to FlexNet Operations Cloud instance

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    How to Upload VCG to FlexNet Operations Cloud instance


    I am trying to use our FlexNet Operations Cloud instance to generate license file with FlexNet operations.

    There is already a license generator for a "demo" producer. In the documentation, and I have found that we have to compile our own Vendor Certificate Generator (using the VCG kit) and then put it on the flexnet operation servers.

    But I cannot find how we are supposed to upload this executable to the FlexNet operations Cloud instance.

    I have found that there exists ftp access and but all my attempts to connect are refused. I have tried using the same credential as to connect to https://<vendorid> and https://<vendorid>

    What are supposed to be the credentials to access the ftp? or Is there any other access using to upload the VCG ?

    Thank You

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    For Flexnet Operations Cloud customers, Flexera support can assist to load customized code for license generation into your instance. I believe we are already supporting you with an open case. I will clarify this in your documentation. Thank you for the feedback.

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