Good morning,

I'm currently building an msi (basic msi) that will have to be ran silently(ish. UILevel <=3) with the parameters being passed to the msi via command line/mst/UI built in C#.
The problem is, in this case, that i have no InstallUISequence that will set my global properties.
Some of them will have to be parsed (such as sql instances), operation that I can only perform in the InstallExecuteSequence.

This is where the problem is.
Is there any way i can use the properties generated by the parse scripts (MsiSetProperty etc) - execute immediately -, in the sql script text replacements (ISSQLServerInstall - deferred) and in the Text File Changes (ISSearchReplaceInstall - deferred in system context).

I've considered using SetProperty + CustomActionData, but considering i cannot set properties in execute deferred, i'm in a bit of a conundrum.

Do i have to just pass all the separate values as independent parameters (e.g. msiexec /i ... SQLSRVINST=localhost\sqlexpress SQLSRV=localhost SQLINST=sqlexpress)

Thank you,
Daniel Lupascu