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I have also a project that I have migrated from IS6.3 to IS 7.0 to IS 9.0 to IS 2010 to IS 2016.

And that worked. But in each release I have to update the things that had changed.

What I can offer you is, that if you have a project that you can send me I will try to migrate through all my InstallShield versions and check were it run into trouble.


Hello Markus and many thanks for your proposal.
I am trying to post you an answer since yesterday but.... unfortunatly my post seems to fail (without any error message).
So this is just a short message to tell you that I will be very please if you can help me by translating my project.
I also let you a private with my email in order I can send you the FTP links to download my projects and source files (about 400MB)

Did you receive it ?

(hope this simple test post will work)